Our Story

Lake-life is your best life.

Introducing Fullwake. Your no-nonsense approach to lake-life apparel and style. Fullwake is the official apparel of lake-life.

Our goal here is simple—treat everyone you meet like you’re on the water. You can’t explain it, there’s something magical once you step aboard. We hope to capture some of that magic through our passion for great design, helping people and our bond of lake-life.

Lake-life isn’t a tangible thing that can be shared—it’s an experience. It isn’t a requirement or status that comes along with owning a boat or living on the water. It’s a frame of mind, an escape—a lifestyle. It doesn’t matter where you're going—but what does matter are the memories you make along the way. Every Fullwake logo serves as a reminder of the lake-life experience to the growing community of passionate people who live and love lake-life daily.


Founded by Michael Cawcutt in April 2020, Fullwake is the culmination of a lifetime spent on the waters of Northern Minnesota, where he first fell in love with the joys of lake life. Alongside his wife, Kelly, Michael shaped Fullwake out of cherished memories formed with their families amidst the tranquil beauty of the lakes. From learning to water-ski at his Grandma's cabin in Northern Wisconsin at six years old to adventurous nights on Lake Superior, Michael's childhood is a tapestry of moments defined by water.

Launching Fullwake.com on April 10, 2020, the brand quickly became a gathering place for a community united by a shared passion for lake life, attracting over 5k social media followers and notable enthusiasts like 4x World Wakesurf Champion, Ashley Kidd, and World Slalom Waterskier Fred Winter—in just over a month.

Michael believes that while the brand draws people in, it's the universal love for lake life that cements their connection. "The brand might have started as mine, but it truly belongs to the community now," he reflects. This ethos of shared ownership fosters Fullwake's growth and strengthens its community—the Fullwake family—a testament to Michael's design background and his vision for a brand that celebrates the people it brings together.

See you on the water.