Water 4 Water

Giving back with #water4water
Fullwake is committed to making positive change in the world. What if we all committed to a #water4water challenge?

With the help of Fullwake:

  • What if every-time you threw a rooster tail up—you helped create sustainable drinking water for somebody in need?
  • What if the flick of a wrist sending that jig to your favorite bass hidey-hole—you helped fight invasive species?
  • What if every-time you landed that Tantrum to Blind wakeboarding—you clean up the shores of somebody's favorite body of water.

Together let's address water issues directly effecting people, their surroundings or ability to have clean, sustainable water. From lake cleanups, zebra mussels to portable drinking water—we're in this together. 

Currently Fullwake is partnering with Generosity.org ( their work has helped 500,000 people in 20 countries get access to clean water) to provide clean drinking water for those without it. A percentage of every purchase will be donated to help provide clean drinking water.
Everyday we we live life to the fullest - let’s help make that a reality for others.
#Live. Love. Lake-life.